Having started in the late 20th Century and continued to progress in the 21st Century, Foreign Trade is an irreplaceable necessity for manufacturer, seller and exporter companies as well as importer companies. LOMACS Foreign Trade Department is established to satisfy the customers’ demand in this matter, to help the logistic and construction/project departments of the company.  Foreign Trade Department team consist of expert staff that constantly improve themselves in order to provide economic, legal, and regulatory solutions, investigate not only domestic legislations but also foreign trade partners’ legislations, and when necessary, give consult to our customers.

Aside from the consultancy, thanks to its professional investigate team, functioning also as a solution centre, Foreign Trade Department is able to execute export and import operations in its entirety. Foreign Trade Department aims to reach the information of the foreign companies’ product needs and domestic companies’ customer and market demands with through and technic investigations which are conducted for free. Distributorship agreements, the use of foreign trade legislation instruments, solutions of the hard labour within the frame of ethical rules, problem-free preparation of the letter of credits are only a few of the services that is provided by our expert staff in our department. Our goal is to build a bridge between the parties and placing trust that is shown to us by the parties in the middle of it. Foreign trade is a respectable fight. If the main strategy is right, mistakes made cannot prevent success. We are ready to fight. You?